Sunday, 29 June 2014

Nazy's Guest House

Nazy's Guest House in Jokolo.

If you have traveled and stayed in a Homestay (Bed & Breakfast) you will know there are some real gems to be found in the world.

It is rare you will find luxury like a Boutique Hotel but what you can find is something far more exciting and closer to local life. Nazy’s Guesthouse was one of those genuine surprises. A large and beautifully maintained house, Nazy lives with her Mother and Father running an exceptionally clean and well turned out accommodation. The magic of Nazy’s place was not the house, which is charming, but the food. Everything is grown or reared by the family. The cows are milked, providing wonderful fresh milk, yogurt and cheese. The chickens flourish and do their very best for your breakfast and the kitchen garden provides a cornucopia of fresh produce. All of which is cooked fresh or preserved and cherished by the visitors. The following pictures illustrate Nazy’s Homestay, their garden and the village of Jokolo. Try this link for more

This is not our messy room but I took a quick sneak at some others before visitors arrived.

Melissa and I keep a vegetable garden but this is something else.

A very happy looking frog. Always a good sign of an organic vegetable garden.

Neighbouring homes in Jokolo.

Jokolo church. Although the community are Muslim there is this very well preserved church in the village. 

I just love these shops, packed to the brim with colourful goodies. Great bread and tins of sardines which are perfect for a picnic.

Nazy's father loading up hay for his dairy cows.

Some of the houses towards the mountains north of  the village are very old indeed and still made in the traditional construction, similar to Tusheti. This is the exception but worth finding.  

Life in Jokolo is slow and traditional scything hay and collecting in a hay-wain is still a regular occurrence and worth seeking out in season.

A few yards from Nazy's house are the meadows either side if  the river where the cattle graze and local horses swish their tails keeping the odd fly at bay. You will find families of Geese strutting by and Turkeys looking for shade under the Walnut trees. Everything would be perfect but this is also a place villagers throw their debris. Not a great deal but this is a working community. 

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